Bizarre Comics is a lot like Captain Planet if the kids that combined their powers to form Captain Planet were actually two quasi-adult dudes, and if, instead of thinking about saving the planet all the time they thought about boobs, swearing, and clever ways to blow things up, and, instead of making a shitty superhero, they make awesome comic books…

So exactly like Captain Planet if everything about Captain Planet was different.

On the real, though, the genesis of what would eventually become Bizarre Comics began way back in caveman times when Dick was still in high school.   In between powering a car with his feet and crushing rocks for Mr. Slate he somehow found the time to create the characters that would eventually become the stars of PRIVATE DICK (Coming this summer!).   

Many, many moons later, Dick met Kris Johnson, and upon discovering Kris’s love of comics and skill as a writer a partnership was proposed and a juggernaut of graphic storytelling was born… A juggernaut whose sole purpose is to provide folks with action, chuckles, explosions, creative dismemberments, and maybe a bum shot or two.

Welcome to a new age!

We apologize in advance.

Kris Johnson krisjohnson Bizarre Comics bizarrecomics Lilzomby Lil ZombyKRIS JOHNSON is a writer, artist, letterer, voice actor and impersonator.   In addition to being the co-founder of Bizarre Comics he also performs the duties of writer, editor, and letterer on every damn thing they put together.  Outside of Bizarre, Kris has also seen publication as a letterer in such comics as HOWLERS, IF-X, GEEK GIRL, SHORTSTACK, and NIGHTMARE IN SLUMBERLAND.

Beyond the world of comics, Kris has written and provided voice-over for the iPhone App, iSPOOF WALKEN.  He’s currently working as a writer, designer, and voice actor on XS FORCE, a new iPhone game coming in 2012 from Rocket 5 Studios.

RICH "THE DICK" ROBBINS is a penciller, inker, and colourist.  As one of the co-founders of Bizarre Comics, Dick is responsible for the visual gags and grotesqueries found within the pages of our books. 

Though mostly self-taught, Dick has received formal training in cartooning and animation from Max the Mutt Animation School.  In other words, the dude knows his way around a pencil, yo.