Owned and operated by our good pal Donovan Cameron, Root Studios should be your first stop when looking for a solid web design/implementation shop.  If you need an example of the quailty of their work, look no further than this very site, as Donovan helped us to make our cockamamie design dreams a web reality.


Rocket 5 is a game studio that focuses primarily on designing kick-ass content for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; and have been resposible for several hit apps including GIANT MOTO and ALIEN BOOTH.  In 2010, Bizarre was involved in the development of Rocket 5's comedy app iSPOOF WALKEN, with Kris writing jokes and providing the voice of the titular character while Dick assisted in the creation of art assets.  This summer, Bizarre teams with Rocket 5 again for their blockbuster action game, XS FORCE.


KS Comics is an indie comic publisher run by my good buddy Jeremiah Allan. KS puts out an ecelectic mix of books ranging from comedy to horror to physchological mind-fuck tripfest, the majority of which can be scoped out on WOWIO . I've had the pleasure of working with Jeremiah, lettering from his scripts on several KS titles like SHORTSTACK, HOWLERS, and SANTA AND OBAMA VS. THE MARTIANS. The man's a mad genius. - Kris


Another dude I've done lettering work for in the past, Sam Johnson is a stand-up guy and prolific writer on indie scene, pounding keys from across the pond. His work runs the gamut, but Sam's focus often falls to the creation of books featuring strong female leads. Speaking of, you can find the colour debut of CABRA CINI over on WOWIO, learn more about GEEK-GIRL over on her site, or check out Sam's Facebook page for more. - Kris


An up-and-coming video game and gaming culture blog, Digital Mercenary is a rarity in the gamer-oriented blogosphere due to the fact that it's written by a dude that actually knows how to write by the name of Mike Soltys. If you'd like some genuine insight and hanker for a clever turn of phrase when indulging in articles about N00bs and pwnage do yourself a favour and scope this out. Plus, he's a fan of Bizarre, so, y'know, bonus.