Bizarre Comicast 75

01-Feb-13 20:29

- Recorded January 27th, 2013

The FORCE is with us as The BiZaRrE CoMiCs Crew bring you anniversary ePisOde #75!!

In NeWs - J.J ABRAMS is confirmed as the Director of STAR WARS VII! The collective sigh of relief from the geek community has been heard around the world! The force is strong with this one! DOCTOR STRANGE and ANT MAN are announced as PHASE THREE of Marvel's Movie-verse! Can the Doc's stache translate into cash? Will ANT-MAN's box office need PYM PARTICLES to grow? We discuss! X-MEN Veterans join DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Cast!! And TOBY JONES is back as ARMIN ZOLA in Marvel's WINTER SOLDIER!

In ReViEwS - YOUNG AVENGERS #1 reinvigorates Kris J. Johnson's faith in teen heroes and brings some fan-favourite characters back into the spotlight! Sean Allan Clement proclaims FF #3, "a retro-futuristic" look at Marvel's first family! An eerie, fun, adventure with THING masks!? And finally, Kevin Gairns reads under LOCKE & KEY - a best CELL-ER!